Dinosaur Escape

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This multi award-winning Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Game is the fantastic cooperative game for kids.  The three dinosaurs are lost in the ferns and a volcano is threatening to blow! Work together as a team to move the dinosaurs around the board. Uncover the matching dinosaurs under the fern tokens to rescue all three dinosaurs. If you can get the dinosaurs safely to the island before the volcano erupts everyone wins! Dinosaur Escape allows kids to work together, use their memory, and incorporate simple strategy to rescue the dinos. Kids will love the satisfaction of building the volcano and of course, playing with dinosaurs. Everyone plays together and everyone has fun! INCLUDES: 3 dinosaur movers, 1 die, 1 game board, 12 fern tokens and 5 volcano puzzle pieces with stand.

Suitable for ages 3+ years
2-4 Player Game , Playing time - 15-20mins.


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