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Take classic Go Fish, combine it with letters - it's Alphabet Go Fish. Quite a hook for early learning.

Each beautifully illustrated letter card features an object starting with that letter - F for firetruck, O for octopus...

Play is just like Go Fish. Players try to get a set of four identical cards to set down. Once all cards are set down, you win! 

Game Play:
Seven cards are dealt to each player
Players take turns asking another player for a specific letter card, "A" for example
(Players ask for letters that will help them collect 4 of the same letter)
If that player has any of the letter asked, he gives them all to the asking player
If not, he tells the player to "Go Fish"
The player then must draw a card from the pile
Play continues until one player sets down all his cards

Alphabet Go Fish! Card Game

  • New learning twist on the classic Go Fish game
  • Teaches letter recognition & matching, encourages literacy skills & taking turns
  • Letter cards have corresponding objects - F for firetruck or O for octopus
  • Features beautiful art & sophisticated design
  • Oversized cards are ideal for small hands
  • 52 cards measure 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Instructions & parent learning prompts included



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