All Surface Pro Swingball

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Such a fantastic way to liven up sunny days!

Swingball is back with more intensity, more speed and more fun - Swingball just went pro!

You won't need to tell your preteens and teens to go out and play. They'll be already out there. And so will you. You'll all be trying to whip one another in a game of Swingball.

Open the lightweight carrying case, then find an open spot on grass, pavement, patio - wherever. Take out the contents inside, and fill the snappy case, (deeper and bigger than the Classic Swingball case), with water or sand. Your stable Swingball base is not going anywhere.

Super sturdy, easily moved for family events - and designed for smart, no-hassle use. You’ve got to like that.

Insert the steel pole - yep, steel. It's adjustable and taller for a more challenging game. Attach the tennis ball on its nylon tether. Get excited. Non slip grips on the highly desirable TriLattice Checkerbat rackets ensures it won't slip out of your hands as you start swinging!

The competition mounts. The crowd gathers. The game is on. The rush and “pop” every time the ball is volleyed, it’s thrilling fun. Swingball is calling your name.

Mookie All Surface Pro Swingball

  • A classic adaptation of tether ball for advanced, long lasting play
  • Develops coordination, reaction time, active interaction
  • Set Swingball up anywhere
  • Classic Swingball gone pro - more intense, longer games, more durable
  • 2 unique, fun to swing Checkerback racquets with non-slip grips
  • Tournament grade tennis ball - 15,000 blows guaranteed
  • Tether adjusts to travel up/down the corkscrew-shaped sleeve
  • Easy assembly: insert the steel pole, attach tennis ball to nylon tether
  • Fill deep base with sand or water for secure stability
  • Easily transported in base - doubles as a case!
  • Super sturdy design is built to last
  • Pole height is 5 feet 6 inches, 72"
  • Bonus: Built-in scoring system
  • Fun for a wide range of ages
  • For 1-2 players


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