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We hope you will enjoy our safer alternative to door-to-door trick or treating. A spooktacular selection of fun treats in a trick or treat surprise box!


What's in the box? Well, then it wouldn't be a surprise but we can say you may find a slug or two, Bertie Bott's gross flavored jelly beans like earwax, rotten egg and earthworm, and a treasure trove of toys and candies sprinkled with a little magic.


Order online to be shipped directly to you, or select curbside or in store pick up. Tell us your child's name, age and gender in the fields above “add to cart” and we will make a Trick or Treat Surprise Box for you. If picking up, we'll send you an email notification as soon as it is ready! For any questions, please call our store at (916) 353-2966. 


For ordering multiple boxes for different children, click “add to cart” for each box. The page will refresh and you’ll be able to add in the name, age, gender for the next child and then click “add to cart” etc.

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