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A gearbox is mainly used in the automobile industry as a part of the car transmission mechanism that transfers torque from the engine's shaft to the wheels.

Assemble it and discover the principle of working of the 4-speed Manual Gearbox.

Experiment: the model comes with Pocket Model’s Study Guide with a creation story and mechanism design as well as engaging and interesting tasks.

Immerse yourself in Augmented Reality (AR)find out how the Gearbox is used in a car, and interact with it via the dedicated Ugears AR-application.

The mechanism of the Gearbox is composed of:

  • Gear shifting lever
  • Layshaft with gear couplings
  • Reverse idle gear bearing
  • Drive shaft
  • Actuator handle

Self-assembly from the parts, pulled out from wooden boards, according to easy-to-follow manual instruction. No glue or cutting needed

Model Size: 5.1 x 3.9 x 4.3 in

Number of parts: 120
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Recommended Age: 8+

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