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Exploring the trend of paint pouring is easy and fun with the Faber-Castell Do Art Paint Pour Studio. This complete DIY paint set for kids combines sensory play and fluid art for a unique painting experience. Watch your acrylic paint pour flow, mix and blend to create a new design each time. All of the art supplies you need to create 6 magical paint pours is included - just add creativity! This kid-friendly paint pouring experience is designed to minimize mess and maximize fun by providing a painting station, craft apron, disposable cups, gloves and more. Create fluid art with acrylic pouring medium - our specially formulated acrylic paint colors allows you to create interesting patterns and resists with ease - experience a surprise reveal with every paint pour! Create 6 paint pours with 5 acrylic paint colors - white, yellow, magenta, turquoise and blue. Painting boards measure 3” x 3” (4) and 6” x 6” (2). Adult supervision when paint pouring is recommended! The acrylic paint included in this paint pour kit is permanent when dry. Pouring paint is easy and fun with step-by-step guided instructions. Start with simple beginner techniques and graduate to advanced paint pouring - explore galaxy art, drip drop, flip cup, rainbow, puddle paint and more! Color mixing guide is included to achieve unique color schemes with every pour. Once your paint pour is completed - add kid-friendly finishes to your artwork! Colorful stickers, glitter, stars, straws and a pipette are provided to add a unique finish to your acrylic paint pouring creation. Faber-Castell's Paint Pour Studio is a quality paint set for kids that features non-toxic art supplies and is recommended for ages 7+

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