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Experience the classic fun of badminton pushed to the extreme!

Using the two large rackets, kids get to actively and powerfully bash the bouncy birdie ball back and forth any way they want.

The unique design of the ball and the rackets lets kids hit harder and move faster!

Use a classic badminton net. Create your own custom net. Or even invent your own, completely unique version of the game.

How you play and how intensely you play are entirely up to you!

Classic active play blasts off into a new level of excitement with the Bashminton set.


  • Stronger, more intense, fast-paced version of classic badminton
  • Encourages gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperative play, active play, exercise
  • Classic active play blasts off into a new level of intensity!
  • Bashable, bouncy birdie ball lets kids hit harder, play faster
  • Large rackets are easy to use, launch the ball fast
  • Includes 2 21-inch rackets, 4.5-inch birdie ball
  • Badminton net not included
  • High quality design and materials for lasting durability


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